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Create a system - While each and every client is undeniably unique, many require similar programs and treatment. With the common movement patterns in today's society, you can almost predict that most clients are going to require some sort of core activation work, stretching of the hips and chest, and activation of the posterior chain. To save myself time, I create a system of workouts designed to address all of these common issues across various goals. This way, each time I had a client sign up, I would select the appropriate starting workout and tweak it according to their individual goals and assessment results.

From a trainer standpoint, a system ensures that you can produce quality results time and time again. If you're writing workouts individually for each client, you can't be sure if the results are coming from the individual client or for their workouts you give them. It's hard to base a business without quantifiable results.

Vlatka Dragic - Certified Personal Trainer

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You have to look your best, always be friendly and approachable. People have to see you are doing well and that is when they will want you to help them too. Always smile and be confident in what you teach :)

Matt Kelett - Personal Trainer Coach


Remember how you were as a trainer with your very first client, all the attention you had for their every movement. Hopefully you still have that client today.

Justin Woltering - Fitness Expert and Author

Be Organized. Make sure you take the time before every week starts to finalize your schedule, prepare your meals, and do everything necessary to make sure you 100% on point!

Edward L. Gober - Founder, Trainer Nation


The ability to marry science based fitness education with strategic business initiatives affords personal trainers the opportunity to distance themselves from competitors provided they incorporate proper management tools.

Tony Sabanos – Trainer, CPT, SPN

Treat every client like your best client.

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